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Country Casual Teak is Jacksonville's premier provider of teak furniture

Country Casual Teak is Jacksonville's premier provider of teak furniture

Exclusive Designs That Provide Lasting Durability
  • Country Casual Teak outdoor furniture
  • For over 40 years, Country Casual Teak has been providing premier quality teak patio furniture to hundreds home owners, architects, designers, and landscapers and other Jacksonville furniture buyers across the Jacksonville area. Our exclusively designed collections of teak outdoor furniture make great additions to both residential and commercial design projects. Our beautiful outdoor collections are uniquely designed to maximize style and provide utmost comfort while maintaining optimum strength and durability. Our teak furniture can be found throughout the Jacksonville area and continues to be a spectacular choice for residence looking for patio furniture in Jacksonville, Florida. We offer distinctively designed outdoor dining sets, resort-style market umbrellas, a vast selection of outdoor teak benches, self-watering planters, beautiful chaise loungers, and much more. Our line of teak accessories is sure to have something for everyone. We have teak coasters, teak spa accessories, teak candle lanterns, a teak shower bench and teak dining accessories, all designed with elegance and style.

  • Premium teak wood is the ideal choice for Jacksonville Patio Furniture
  • Each piece of our exclusively designed teak furniture is crafted from only the best solid teak. Teak’s extraordinary resistance to the elements makes it the perfect choice for Jacksonville outdoor furniture and many pieces of teak furniture are still in use after 70 years. Jacksonville’s humidity, high temperatures, and proximity to the Atlantic may cause many lesser woods to warp and crack and various metals to rust, break, or corrode. However, teak naturally possesses high oil and rubber content, making it nearly immune to Jacksonville’s weather factors. In fact, the British historically used teak to construct their sailing vessels. Overall, there really is no comparison to the weatherproof qualities found in teak patio furniture, making it a natural choice for any Florida furniture buyer.

    Our eco-friendly teak adds even more value to our Jacksonville furniture buyers. From banks and hospitals to designers and resorts, there are hundreds of places to see our furniture in Jacksonville. Whether you live in Sawgrass, Jacksonville Beach, Palm Valley, downtown Jacksonville, or anywhere else around I295, Country Casual Teak’s teak outdoor furniture is sure to have something for you.

  • Shop for Outdoor Furniture online or by phone
  • Please use our website to browse the large selection of products that we offer or request a catalog. Country Casual Teak keeps a large inventory on hand, and most of our items will ship within 7 to 14 business days. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives are available at 1-800-289-8325 or to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have and are equipped in assisting with any complex shipping or logistical situation you may have. Click here to contact us.

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